Name Badge FAQ

If your question isn’t answered below, please contact the team on +61 (0)8 8231 2746.

How do I place an order?

Send an e-mail using our online order form.

What are your set-up fees?

AU$49.50 one time charge for a new logo set-up, if you have multiple logos gives us a call.

I have no electronic artwork, can Evright.com still produce a name badge for me?

We have internal design capabilities, send us a picture and we’ll send you a quote.

What artwork file format do you need? At what resolution?

We prefer EPS, AI or PDF but if you only have other formats available send them through and we’ll get back to you. 300dpi or better is good for us.

How do we send names to you?

We prefer excel spread sheets but word documents are also fine. Be sure to have your name sheets double-checked for accuracy!

What is your minimum order amount?

One, but purchasing two or more is more economical.

Why order at least two when you only want one?

You’d be surprised at how easily people lose name badges through the wash, it’s always a good idea to have an extra one as a spare.


I’m in a hurry, how fast can you make a name badge for me?

Usual turn-around is 5 business days though if you wish to pay an additional AU$24.95, you can have it within 48 hours but be sure to call us in advance for any large orders over a hundred.

Can you dispatch parts of an order to different addresses?

Yes, but we prefer dealing with a central location for shipping purposes.

I have my own stock, can you work with it or do I need to use yours?

For consistency, we prefer to use our own material.

Are you able to supply custom shapes and sizes?

Yes, for an additional fee depending on your requirements and time frame.

What materials are available for name badges and cards?

Standard ID card plastic (the same used for divers licenses), metal (for sublimation) and acrylic (laser engraved).

What are your invoice / payment terms?

For orders $150 (inc GST) and under, we are now requiring pre-payment before production of name badges can commence. This doesn’t apply for resellers or large volume customers.

I don’t live in Australia or the address for the name badges or cards are outside Australia. Can you still process the order?

Yes, give us a call or send an e-mail for more information.


Resin FAQ

If you aren’t familiar with resin, please read our earlier blog posts Resin.

What are the minimum order quantities required to have my name badge or tag resinned?


What is the average shelf-life of the resin on your name badges?

It all depends on your working environment and normal wear-and-tear.

Does the resin help protect the name badge from fading?

Yes! It also gives it a more professional look with more vibrant colors!


Fasteners FAQ

Will the fitting pull or damage my shirt?

Pins will go through material (they are a pin after all) though we do offer bull-dog clips (with a pin attached) and magnets. Magnets will not cause any damage to your shirt.

Can I buy extra quantities of fasteners?

Yes! Tell us how many you need and we’ll send them out.

What are your discount rates?

You’ll save 50% off the normal AU$49.50 set-up fee but we also have other saving opportunities available. Our volume discounts can be found on our latest PDF name badges brochure.

There is also another program that saves you a lot of time and hassle, our pre-paid program! If you have a staff of 50 but wish to enjoy the volume discount of say, 100 – you can order your 50 name badges right now and when ever you need new ones, just send us the information and we’ll take it off the amount owing. This can save you a substantial amount of money and invoicing time.




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