If you need some lanyards, regardless of quantity or type, we’ve got you covered!

Standard minimum orders of one usually take 5 days while custom lanyards have a minimum order of a hundred and can take up to 5 weeks.

The minimum order amount for printed lanyards is 100 units.


Lanyard Options

There are two main types of lanyards, woven lanyards and tube lanyards. The easiest way to differentiate them is that tubes have a similar build to your shoe laces while woven are like a thick piece of fabric.

For woven lanyards (polyester lanyards or twill lanyards), we have them available in 10mm through 25mm widths in 5mm increments.

Tube lanyards (bootlace lanyards) are available in at 10mm and 15mm widths.

Lanyard Types: tube (left), woven (right)

Lanyard Types: tube (left), woven (right)

Colors offers you almost infinite possibilities regarding the colors and designs on your lanyards, whether you want them to be a solid color or full of color custom printed – we also have our own inhouse design department that can make anything you want!


Fittings offers a wide variety of lanyard fittings including the following list – of course, if you have another fitting in mind, please give us a call.

Lanyard Fittings


Have you thought about using lanyards and pouches? Plastic pouches for lanyards in various sizes and shapes.




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