Name Badges

Quick and Easy

With over 35 years of experience in name badges, there is no question as to why government organizations and companies large and small choose us to service their needs!

There are three decisions to make: Size, colour and fitting.

Badge Sizes


We have our own printers on-premises, allowing us to produce crisp, full colour name badges with vibrant and warm logos.


There are three badge base colours available. Silver, Gold and White.

Badge Fitting Options

There are four choices, the best option to use are magnets unless you have a pacemaker. It causes no damage to your clothes, stays on and pin stabbings aren’t possible no matter how hard you try.


Resin? Well it’s recommended!

Resin is an often overlooked final process that really adds a new level of professionalism to your name badges. It protects the badge and makes the colour stand out and adds a beautiful rubbery bevel that shines great in the light.

Bulk Buy and Save! We’ll also hold the badges for you

If you’re looking for additional cost savings, then look no further. Pre-purchase your namebadges in bulk and then order as you need them. We’ll hold the stock for you and you can save on finance and administration time.

Quantity Price
1-49 AUD$8.50
50-99 AUD$6.70 – save 21%
100 – 499 AUD$5.40 – save 36%
500-999 AUD$4.80 – save 43%
1000+ AUD$4.20 – save 50%

Add AU$2.20 for magnets and AU$2.75 for resin per badge.

Pricing Structure based on 72.8mm x 27mm (M) Badge with logo, name and pin attachment.


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